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Lived Experience

Recently we have been talking about our own lived experiences with mental health needs or learning disabilities. As part of our collaboration with the ‘time to change’ movement we, have been encouraging each other to speak up about our own experiences and to break the stigma on mental health and learning disabilities. Some of us have shared our experiences publicly, or just within the company or not all. Whichever way we chose to deal with our own experiences is our own choice but by us sharing our stories we are at least showing that it is Okay to have challenges in life. We are showing that we are all human and no matter our position in the company or life we can face obstacles.  It shows the people that we support that they can overcome their own challenges and live a rewarding and fulfilling life. We can empathise with their needs and provide guidance on how to move forward through our own experiences.

I hope that by sharing our stories that, the employee who wishes to keep their challenges to themselves knows that it is Okay to not be Okay and finds some strength in knowing they are not alone.  I hope that the people we support draw some inspiration from our stories and use it to help them fight the fears and stigmas they face.

Take a look at our ‘Meet the Team’ page to see our lived experiences. Some of our team are still working on their contribution. Enjoy!


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