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Well Trained Staff

Wow is has been a week full of proactive staff completing some of their online training and it is only Wednesday!!

Massive Well Done to Jemma, Amanda and Rebecca for completing Challenging Behaviours, Personality Disorders, Communication and Paranoia.

We are in the process of revamping our training programme and have look at many different ways to provide less online training and increase our classroom based sessions. This however, does prove difficult with the greatest ambition because of basic logistics of costs and having all team members in one place at one time because, of course we are supporting people who use our service at all times of day.

So we have compromised and agreed that initially staff will complete online courses and when classroom courses are available we will complete this additionally to our online training.  This means that our staff have a buffer of information and training from online and the top up and enhancement from the classroom.

I think we have finally found our training process that works for us. Who knows we may even branch out into providing our own training. WATCH THIS SPACE!



Going Greener

We have been getting greener and greener as a company and doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We have an environmental plan in place and so far have made some great changes.

So far we have;

We have changed all our light bulbs to energy saving bulbs

Installed timer light switches in communal hallways

We continued household recycling

Gravity led showers have been installed where possible

We have gone PAPERLESS! We now use a digital care management system and digital HR system.

We have reduced printing and delivery of ink as a result of going digital

Continue to encourage the use of public transport and more active ways of getting around

We no longer use antibacterial wipes and have reverted to good old fashioned reusable cloths and anti-bacterial spray

We continue to recycle old electrical items appropriately at our local household recycling centre

All goods receipts have been requested digitally to reduce paper waste and unnecessary postage and use of the transport system

Making a difference to our environment is a big priority for us and we will be continuing to make changes so watch this space!