Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider

Workplace Champions

We have introduced our workplace champion scheme! This is something that we are really excited about because it provides our support workers with additional opportunities and build on the knowledge they already have.

The whole idea of the scheme is to have a support worker to be an expert in a particular area and be the “go to” for advice, knowledge, information and training. This service will not only be for our support workers but for the individuals we support and their family and friends.

We have the following champion categories for our employees

Positive Behaviour Support/Challenging Behaviours

Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Personality Disorders

Learning Disabilities


Workplace Well-being

Service User/Family/Friends Well-being

Safeguarding Adults

Employee Induction

Service User Induction

A poll has gone out allowing our support workers to select the area they would like to champion. Then the work will begin to make them bigger champions than the ones they already are!! Once we have our champions in place we will share with you all who they are and how to contact them via our website.

Our next plan with our champion scheme is to provide champion opportunities to the individuals we support as well as their family and friends.


Dorset Echo Care Awards 2019 – Finalists!!!!

Wow we are over the moon to be one of the finalists for the Special Recognition Award in Dorset Echo’s 2019 Care Awards!!

We nominated our whole team of support workers for this award category because we feel they need the recognition for all the hard work they do to, ensure the adults we support stay well and achieve what they thought was impossible.

Our support workers work with individuals with complex mental health needs, learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. They work unsocial hours to ensure that support needs are met and go above and beyond to help individuals achieve their goals.  Some of our customers have spent many years in mental health hospitals away from their local community, family and friends, so moving out into the community again and leading a more independent life with our support is a big step and an achievement individuals do not want to go back on. The improvement and impact that our support workers have made on individual lives is amazing and has enabled individuals to stay well and live a more independent life. Their passion, motivation and overall caring nature has played a vital role in achieving this.

We are so proud of our team no matter what the results and we are just honoured to be a finalist in this category! Good Luck to our team!


Dorset County Council’s Provider Framework – Learning Disabilities

We are so so happy to be writing this blog about our recent achievement of being approved on the new Dorset County Council’s provider framework – Learning Disabilities!

Running your own company and covering 3 different roles and doing the occasional support shift is a challenge on its own and so throwing a very important project into the mix made life very fast paced over the last 4 months. There was lots of early morning starts and late night finishes of completing the draft, improving the draft, deleting the draft and starting again until we were happy with the work we submitted.

We have always been visited and accredited by Dorset County Councils Quality Improvement team who, have worked with us to ensure continuous improvement to our service but, we have always found it difficult to set the time aside to submit onto Dorset County’s previous framework and so this achievement has been very much welcomed and boosted the confidence we have in our service and reaffirms that we do a fantastic job supporting adults with mental health needs or learning disabilities. Without our fantastic team of support workers who  have ensured that our service  users are supported according to their needs, we would not have been able to do this. A massive thank you to our team.

What does this mean? so now going forward it means that Unity Dorset can grow and we can provide our service to more individuals with learning disabilities who may previously not had access to us. We will be able to offer more opportunities to our staff and invest in more innovative ideas to support our service users to achieve independence and control!

The news of our success was followed up by a few celebratory bubbles and our team have a chance to celebrate with us with their own gift of bubbles from Unity Dorset (when not at work)

We look forward to our future and continued partnership with Dorset County Council

Love Colleen and Grant Waller