Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider

Positive Behaviour Support Framework

As a support provider for adults with complex mental health needs and challenging behaviours, we use tools such as positive behaviour support plans, challenging behaviour and de-escalation training to help us support individuals effectively and ultimately reduce the likeliness of challenging behaviours occurring. We have found these tools helpful and allowed us to spot triggers and work to reduce or remove triggers or be more prepared for challenging behaviour when spontaneous triggers happen.

So as part of our ongoing improvement and wanting to become experts in this area we are working with the Positive Behaviour Support Academy UK by using their framework to assess our current resources and tools in place and then creating action plans to put additional requirements in place to better our delivery of positive behaviour support. As a provider for adults with challenging behaviours and complex needs we feel it is very important to reflect best practice.

And finally how many times can I mention Challenging and Behaviour in one post ……..

Dorset County Council’s Provider Framework – Learning Disabilities

We are so so happy to be writing this blog about our recent achievement of being approved on the new Dorset County Council’s provider framework – Learning Disabilities!

Running your own company and covering 3 different roles and doing the occasional support shift is a challenge on its own and so throwing a very important project into the mix made life very fast paced over the last 4 months. There was lots of early morning starts and late night finishes of completing the draft, improving the draft, deleting the draft and starting again until we were happy with the work we submitted.

We have always been visited and accredited by Dorset County Councils Quality Improvement team who, have worked with us to ensure continuous improvement to our service but, we have always found it difficult to set the time aside to submit onto Dorset County’s previous framework and so this achievement has been very much welcomed and boosted the confidence we have in our service and reaffirms that we do a fantastic job supporting adults with mental health needs or learning disabilities. Without our fantastic team of support workers who  have ensured that our service  users are supported according to their needs, we would not have been able to do this. A massive thank you to our team.

What does this mean? so now going forward it means that Unity Dorset can grow and we can provide our service to more individuals with learning disabilities who may previously not had access to us. We will be able to offer more opportunities to our staff and invest in more innovative ideas to support our service users to achieve independence and control!

The news of our success was followed up by a few celebratory bubbles and our team have a chance to celebrate with us with their own gift of bubbles from Unity Dorset (when not at work)

We look forward to our future and continued partnership with Dorset County Council

Love Colleen and Grant Waller