Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider

Being a support worker means that each day of work can be different depending on my service users needs. I work as a mental health support worker and so typically at the start of my shift I may spend some time motivating my service user to start their day. I will prompt to attend to daily living tasks or give some direction on what may need to be achieved that day. I do not take over as their support worker but I help them to overcome challenges by being supportive in the background. If it is required I will prompt medication but allow the service user to take control and self-administer. Another part of my role is to help my service user to work towards achieving short term and long term outcomes by following their support plan and listening to their changing needs. I go home at the end of my shift feeling like I have made a difference to their life by providing them with the tools and assistance that allows them to live in the community and remain mentally well. I would recommend the role of a support worker because you will help someone who is or has struggled to overcome challenges that they thought they may never overcome and that makes me proud.