Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider

We provide support to adults with mental health needs, complex mental health needs, challenging behaviours and/or learning disabilities in Dorset.

We provide support through Supported Living and Outreach and help you to achieve long term and short term goals as well as providing assistance with promoting your independence.

We can help you with daily living tasks such as; maintaining a clean home, cooking and shopping as an example.

We can help you with your own personal needs such as budget planning, prompting medication, attending appointments or whatever your need may be.

Each individual we support has different needs and levels of independence but our ultimate goal is to slowly take a step back through creating outcomes that will see your own independence increase.

Supported Living & Outreach Support

Supported Living

Supported living in generally in a shared house with other individuals with similar needs to yourself. Generally supported living is seen as a stepping stone to living completely independently for someone who is not quite ready to go it alone. The purpose is to ensure that you are supported to attend to daily living tasks and have the confidence to do them with very little or no support in the future. We will also help you to achieve your long term and short term goals.

Outreach Support

We can attend your own home or meet you in the community and similar to supported living we can, help you to maintain your current level of independence and support you to make improvements with your daily living tasks or help you to achieve any other goals.

Your Support Team & Support Hours

Support Hours

We fit our support hours around you and your needs so generally this means we have to recruit for a team of support workers dedicated to you. This is great because your team get to know you and what is important for you. The consistency helps you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Support Team

We will ensure that your support staff are trained to your specific needs and have the skills to motivate you to achieve independence. We will also involve you in the recruitment and making the decision about who will support you.

Mental Health Support

We work closely with psychologists, the assertive outreach team, mental health nurses and other mental health services to ensure that we provide the best support to you and your mental health needs.  Our support staff receive mental health training such as personality disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis, paranoia and anxiety. We will also help you to manage any risks through a risk management plan. The aim of our mental health support is to keep you free from hospital admission and living happy and safe in the community.

Learning Disabilities Support

We will help you to overcome the obstacles that you face and help you to find opportunities that will improve your quality of life. We will use easy read documentation (if needed) to ensure you are involved in your support and have the information in a suitable format so that you can make an informed decision and choices.

Support Planning & Reviews

We hope that you will want to be involved in your support planning and reviews. Having your say and the input from your circle of support is important because it means we have a view and opinion from different people in your life who have experience and knowledge of your character and needs. We will hope regular reviews and updates on your support to ensure we constantly providing the correct support relevant to your current needs and risks.

Outcomes and Goals

The whole purpose of our service is to promote your independence and help you to achieve your goals. At support planning stages and reviews we will work with you to create your outcomes. These can be related to improving your independence with daily living tasks and needs, reducing your risks and planning how to achieve your long term goals.

Champion Roles

We love to involve you in our service as much as we can and ask much as you would like. We have developed champion roles that allow you to take some ownership, control and responsibility for the service supporting you as well as, developing new skills or gaining qualifications.

Stakeholders Relationships

As mentioned before your circle of support is welcome to take part in your support as much and as little as you wish them to be. We will only involve people with your consent but we do find that having the people important in your life having some input very helpful.