Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider

Careers at Unity Dorset

As a support worker at Unity Dorset we hope that you will find the role of supporting individuals with mental health needs and learning disabilities fulfilling. It is a role to be highly proud of because, it brings with it the achievement of knowing you are supporting an individual to overcome the challenges they face as well as, helping them to maintain and improve their well-being and mental health.

Some of the individuals we support have complex mental health needs and have spent years in mental health hospitals when they have been mentally unwell. They have worked hard to achieve the outcomes that makes them ready to move onto be supported by providers like ourselves.

You role is to aid their recovery and supporting them with individual daily living needs, managing their risks and collaborating to help them achieve outcomes and goals.

You can find out more about being a support worker in our service by following this link http://www.unitydorset.co.uk/support-worker-role

Our Commitment to You

We are passionate about providing our support workers with the correct training and skills that will enable them to support individual needs and diagnosis

We will strive to provide our support workers with the opportunity to develop through additional training or programmes such as; NVQ’s, short course and our workplace champion scheme http://www.unitydorset.co.uk/workplace-champion-scheme

We are commitment to maintaining and improving the well-being and mental health of our staff through our well-being and mental health scheme http://www.unitydorset.co.uk/employee-wellbeing

Training Programme

Part A

Part A of our training includes company induction, service user induction and mandatory training.

Part B

Part B is service user needs training. You will complete training modules specific to the individual needs of the person you will be supporting. For example; schizophrenia and psychosis training, personality disorders and challenging behaviours. The course list will increase as a new need appears.

Part C

Part C is ongoing training and development such as NVQ’s in Health and Social Care, Employee Well-being courses, CPD courses, mental health training framework and learning disabilities training framework.

Training Providers