Welcome to Unity Dorset: Approved Dorset Council Framework Provider & ISF Provider


Welcome to our service page! In a bid to be as environmental friendly as possible we no longer print a brochure about our service. We hope that all the information you need is within this page however, if you think something is missing please go to the bottom of this page and submit your suggestions.

Supported Living

Supported living in generally in a shared house with other individuals with similar needs to yourself. Generally supported living is seen as a stepping stone to living completely independently for someone who is not quite ready to go it alone. The purpose is to ensure that you are supported to attend to daily living tasks and have the confidence to do them with very little or no support in the future. We will also help you to achieve your long term and short term goals.

Outreach Support

We can attend your own home or meet you in the community and similar to supported living we can, help you to maintain your current level of independence and support you to make improvements with your daily living tasks or help you to achieve any other goals.

Support Hours

We fit our support hours around you and your needs so generally this means we have to recruit for a team of support workers dedicated to you. This is great because your team get to know you and what is important for you. The consistency helps you to achieve what you want to achieve.


Support Team

We will ensure that your support staff are trained to your specific needs and have the skills to motivate you to achieve independence. We will also involve you in the recruitment and making the decision about who will support you.


Our Experience & Knowledge

We work closely with psychologists, the assertive outreach team, mental health nurses, mental health services and learning disability services to ensure that we provide the best support for your needs.  Our support staff receive a wide range of training such as; personality disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis, paranoia and anxiety. We also team up with local mental health teams who at times will come to deliver additional training for our staff.


We welcome your involvement in helping to shape our service and support team. We encourage and welcome you to join our staff on training events, company surveys and service user surveys. We are interested to know how we can improve the service we provide and work with you to make the changes.

Support Planning & Reviews

We hope that you will want to be involved in your support planning and reviews. Having your say and the input from your circle of support is important because it means we have a view and opinion from different people in your life who have experience and knowledge of your needs. We will hope regular reviews and updates on your support to ensure we constantly providing the correct support relevant to your current needs and risks. We use a digital care management system on a daily basis which provides us with an efficient and effective service to yourself and our support staff. This means if anything changes with your needs it is updated the same day and information is passed quickly to your support workers without any delay.

Your Outcomes

The whole purpose of our service is to promote your independence and help you to achieve your outcomes. At the support planning stage and at reviews we will work with you to create your outcomes. These can be related to improving your independence with daily living tasks and needs, reducing your risks and planning how to achieve your long term goals. Once agreed we will set your outcome tasks with you and your support team using our digital care management system which, will enable us to keep on track and adjust at any time.

Something missing?

Is there any information that you would like us to include on this page that you think would be useful to know as a person or the family member of a person being supported by our service?

Drop us an email at info@unitydorset.co.uk